Keep Kids Safe Training Overview

This training program was developed specifically for the hotel industry in Manitoba to:

  • help hotel workers identify signs of child and youth sexual exploitation, and
  • learn how to report it

Human traffickers often take advantage of the privacy and anonymity offered by the hotel industry to exploit children and youth.

The main objectives are to:

  • broaden knowledge of the human trafficking phenomena in the hotel industry and
  • support employees and managers in raising effective barriers in combating it

subject matter may be disturbing

Who Should Take This Training?

  • This knowledge aims to build awareness for employees and managers in all areas of the property of Manitoba Hotels and Motels.
  • There is no limit on the number of employees at a hotel that can take the training for free.
  • We encourage all hotel and motel staff, in all positions, to complete the training.

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   Note:   Classroom training available. Contact MTEC for more information.